Last June, Stacey and Brian had a gorgeous and fun wedding in Appleton and Menasha, Wisconsin. Their ceremony was held at St. Mary Catholic Church, Stacey's childhood parish. The wedding party got ready in her elementary school attached to the church, which was both nostalgic and cool to think of Stacey walking the halls as a youngster.

The bridal details from the shoes, jewelry and hair accessories, down to each sparkling sequin on her dress were stunning.

Wearing colorful, floral robes, the bridesmaids toasted to Stacey and finished with their final touches, while the guys put on their ties and cuff links.

The ceremony began, and you couldn't help but smile when Brian got a big grin on his face upon seeing his beautiful bride walk up the aisle.

So many happy tears, laughs and hugs were shared during their joyful ceremony. With the vows said and Stacey and Brian officially married, it was time to party!

We hopped on a bus to Smith Park for some sunshine-filled photos with the wedding party.

We then headed downtown to College Ave. in Appleton to have some drinks at Cleo's Cocktail Lounge. While the wedding party was doing shots, we got to do our own "shots" with the bride and groom. 😎

After the pre-party, we arrived at Pullmans at Trolley Square for the reception. Between the speeches and hilarious jokes told in order to get the bride and groom to kiss, the dinner entertainment and food were amazing!

After Stacey and Brian cut the cake, Ron, of Gold Medal Sound, set the tone for the couple's first and special dances. Soon everyone was out on the dance floor showing off their best moves. Of course it wouldn't be Stacey's wedding reception without dedicating the song "Stacey's Mom" to her mother, while the guests danced around and serenaded Mrs. Sell.

As their one year anniversary approaches, on June 23, I'd like to congratulate them on their first year being newlyweds and remind them of the special memories they made on their wedding day. Congrats Stacey + Brian! 💙


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